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preinst.exe /syncchild ABC Not a known site

Sometimes, when you try to sync your child site using preinst command you may get a message ABC not a known site.  This will happen due to improper removal of the site. Follow the below steps to resolve the same. … Continue reading

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Package showing install Pending in Primary

(Don’t implement this solution without knowledge of SQL) ISSUE Package state displayed as installed in Central and install pending in Primary site. [This issue can randomly occur in larger SCCM environments with large packages and slow WAN links] Solution Login … Continue reading

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SQL Query to check when collection were updated

Hi Use the below Query to check, when the collections were updated in SCCM 2007 Select  CC.CollectionID, CN.CollectionName, Convert (VarChar(10), CC.TimeUpdated, 101)‘Last Updated’ From Collection_MemberChg_Notif CC Join Collections CN on CC.CollectionID = CN.SiteID Order By [Last Updated] DESC

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